Wired Led Lighting born as a branch of Albani Lighting Spa, company operating in the decorative contract lighting market since fifty years, from which obtains the Led Lighting division.

We have been working in the lighting market for fifty years, with experience, seriousness and passion, defending our Know-how and our quality, but seeking to understand the changes.

Wired Led Lighting have as a target the electrical equipment wholesalers, lighting consultant operating in the high quality led lighting.

We are offering what, at present time, is considered the state of the art of the led lighting, with the technological solution we believe are the most efficient and interesting.

We use the best supply system as drivers and converters existing in the European market, sure that the supply system is the crucial element of a good led lighting system.

We are offering the newest Led Arrays, which represent the last evolution of the lighting source producer , which permits to obtain unhoped quality and efficiency levels.

We succeed in offering Led Array with excellent Colour Render Index and with lighting efficiency at the top of the market.